Game women while in an LTR or marriage

I’ll be honest here. I’m in 24/7 game mode. If I see a pretty girl, I game. If I see a 5 with the body of a 9, I game. If I have a monogamous relationship, which doesn’t really happen anymore but that’s another article, and I see a pretty girl, I game. Why? Multiple reasons actually.

For the sake of this article I’m assuming you’re in a monogamous relationship of some kind.

I’m of the firm believe nothing lasts forever when it comes to women. It’s why I don’t believe in marriage. So when your relationship ends, you need to be prepared. It’s much easier getting laid when you still have game, and in turn banging other chicks will help you get over your ex more easily.

It’s a good reason but not the most important one. See, when you’re gaming other girls while in a relationship, your current relationship will actually benefit from it. Patrice o’Neal actually had a good analogy for this.

You get it? Your woman is a fish and she has to smell other fish on you to know you can catch more fishes so she acts right.

That’s the most important part right there. So she acts right. If your girl thinks you can’t get other woman you’re losing her respect. Not overnight, but you will lose it. There is no girl in this universe that wants to be a guys only option, because you’ll cling to her, you’ll become afraid to lose her. You’re basically becoming a needy bitch, then you get dumped and you’re left with no game and no other options, and no house or money if you were married.

So game other women. Flirt with the waitress, invite the cute new neighbour over for dinner and be playful. Everyday there are multiple options to game. But if you promised your girl monogamy, don’t cheat. Keep it playful, make girls want to be around you. You want to treat your LTR/wife with respect when she acts right, but she has to know you can replace her in an instant if you need to, because girls want to be with you.

If you’re currently in a relationship where you give up anything for your girl, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Got plans with buddies, but she want to go out with you? You don’t change plans for her
  • You’re both on the lease of your house? Move. She can live with you, just make sure it’s your house.
  • She’s rejecting sex unless you do chores? Start looking for another girl.

To summarize, see it like this: You live your life like you want to, do things you want to do, and she can tag along as long as she acts right. If she knows you can replace her, she won’t deny sex, she won’t nag you all day every day, she won’t ask you to change plans for her, she won’t talk to her exes, she won’t go on a girls only holiday. She will act right because she’s afraid to lose the respected, high quality man she is with.

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