Glaze her face like a pornstar

Back in the day, when I used to watch porn I was always impressed with guys like Peter North who made girls practically drown in cum. Here he was, painting those girls faces with his seemingly never ending supply of penis pudding. This guy was my hero, my spirit animal.

Snorkel up if you don't wanna drown woman!

Snorkel up if you don’t wanna drown woman!

So over the years I’ve tried accomplishing the same results. I’ve tried too many supplements to count, and always had the same disappointing, but normal, results. 2-3 Squirts of man sauce. Not nearly enough to cream her whole face with love butter. I gave up.

Then one day…

I don’t keep many female friends, more on that in a later article, but I do have some. One of them is slutty, like they accept her spit at a sperm bank slutty. She already had 70+ guys the day she turned 18. We’re not attracted to eachother but we get along well, and most of our conversations are about the male and female perspective of dating and sex.

Anyways, one day I was telling her that I’d like to cover a girls face in man juice, like Peter North, and she casually responded ‘eat celery‘. I looked at her with a frown on my face, not sure if she was being serious and she proceeds ‘I used to date a guy like that, he ate celery chalks every day, I always looked like multiple dudes ejaculated on me‘.

My google search began and indeed, celery chalks are the key to glazing her face like a pornstar. I eat at least 2 chalks every day now, and have added L-arginin and Zinc to increase it even further. Zinc makes you rock hard as well. Where I used to have 2-3 regular squirts, it’s now like 5-6 huge squirts but it depends a little on how hydrated you are. Also it used to be thick and it’s now a little more watery but that’s fine.

So to sum it all up:

  • Eat at least 2 chalks of celery every day
  • Daily intake of L-arginine and Zinc
  • Drink plenty of water !! Important !!
  • Cream her face
The end result

The end result

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