Increase testosterone naturally with vitamin D3

Vitamin D is actually a hormone. It regulates 3 percent of our genes, including some genes that regulate testosterone production in the Leydigcells. So Vitamin D is an important vitamin, specifically when you realise that the majority of people in the western world have insufficient vitamin D levels in their blood.

The reason our vitamin D levels are low is because our food contains too litte of it, and we are relying on our body’s endogenous production of Vitamin D. Our skin converts cholesterol to Vitamin D under influence of the sun, but we generally don’t get enough sun to produce enough vitamin D, thanks to working/living indoors.

To naturally increase your testosterone levels I suggest you start with increasing your vitamin D intake. You can imagine what a low vitamin D level does to your testosterone levels but we’ll show it with some studies, plus the other benefits of Vitamin D.


This study shows only 11% of the 2300 males in their sixties had adequate vitamin D levels, and the higher their vitamin D level, the higher their natural free testosterone (usefull testosterone) level was. It also showed that testosterone levels changed with the seasons, with the summer months having the highest testosterone levels due to the exposure to sunlight.

This study shows that athletic performance peaks when Vitamin D levels peak, and performance decreases when vitamin D levels decrease.

This metastudy took data of 18 trials with 57000 participants and looked at the mortality rate over a time span of 6 years. The average Vitamin D intake was 528iu per day and the mortality rate was 7% lower than the control group.

This animalstudy shows that athletes with a daily intake of 1000iu vitamin D decrease their muscle breakdown after workouts. This study shows vitamin D increases muscle cell growth, this study shows vitamin D increases muscular strength and this study shows that the higher your vitamin D level, the smaller your waist (if you workout). The less fat you have around your waist, the higher your natural testosterone level.


Vitamin D is a vital vitamin for the majority of people in the western world. If you don’t live in a sunny climate, you need to supplement. Personally, I take 5000iu’s per day from the end of summer until the spring. In the spring I take 5000 iu’s every other day, in the summer I don’t supplement but I make sure I get at least 20-30 minutes of sunlight exposure every day. 20-30 minutes of sunlight exposure (just shorts, no shirt) equals about 20.000iu’s of vitamin D. Before I supplemented vitamin D I would have a severe case of winter blues, if you keep your vitamin D levels up you’ll feel fine. That and the increase in testosterone makes it one of my favorite supplements.

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