Keepin’ it real with the site

So it’s been 17 months since my last, and only, post. I’ve been busy with other stuff in my life but lately I’ve been thinking about this site.

I’ve had many succesful sites in the past, so you can imagine I have some kind of craving to put my thoughts on paper 2.0. The original idea for this site was to help men increase testosterone, but I get bored rather easily, and I’m done writing politically correct articles.

No longer politically correct

No more PC

From now on I’ll be writing about whatever I like, the way I like, and hopefully help some guys along the way. With 10+ years of self improvement behind me I’ll be writing about anything that is happening, or has happened, in my life with regards to women, sex, testosterone, game and any other guy stuff I can think of.

If people are walking all over you in any or all aspects of your life if for you! If you can’t get girls, is for you! If you screw up your relationships, is for you! If you feel like something is missing in your life, is for you! You get the point…

About me:

Decent looking 35 year old guy living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The place where you legally can smoke weed while banging prostitutes. Been in a co-dependant relationship for 10(!) years, got fed up, broke up and changed my life around. My life has improved significantly since then, personally, financially and sexually. Where I used to be ‘okay’ I’m now genuinely happy, and you can feel the same.

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